The herbs are helping..

Yes everything is good. The herbs you sent me last seem to help as long as I take them consistently.

Heather L.
Thank you.

I just had to let you know that my cold/fever blisters are gone, they have never “disappeared “ like this ever!!!
Thank you

Linda M.
Via Email 4/29/2020 9:39AM

Linda M

Ellison did very well over the summer but is already showing some set backs with the school year. Although her headaches have been ok, she has been having a VERY hard time focusing. She is low or out on the following meds:
Joy of Regularity Stress Relief, Brahmi Vati, Dashmool, Ghan, Kamdudha Vati
Thanks for your help!


I went to my Doctor for annual check up and all the results were good. I will fax you the results when i pick them up from her office. However, she told me that liver enzymes are elevated and she wanted me to redo the test after a month. Do you think it is some thing to do with the Herbs I am taking? She checked for Hapetites a and c and she told me it is negative. Also, she said vitamin D is very low. It is 14. I think it is very low. Is it OK if I take Vitamin D Supplements?? My FSH is very high. Please advise. Thanks!

Makda Solomon

I have been taking the herbs, using the oil, and have been shifting my diet slightly in the way we spoke of. I am happy to say that in the past two weeks I have not been getting the pain in my groin area that we talked about, so I believe the air is passing out of that system. I have not lost any weight in this past period, but have been feeling on the whole less physically stressed – though not completely.
I am writing to see how I should proceed in the intake of herbs, as well as what kinds of food you recommend me focusing on eating in this upcoming winter period.

Richard Aufrichtig

Thank you so much for all your help. We got the water dispenser and it looks absolutely gorgeous. My mom was extremely pleased, it was quite a pleasant surprise for her. The dispenser was well packed, and I thank you for that. God bless!


I wanted to thank you so much for your care and special formula for my broken arm (fracture occurred 10/6/12).
My orthopedist can not believe how fast it is healing! It has not even been three months and already I have 80+% function, although it still does hurt all the time‐‐‐ but not half as much as it did before.
I chalk this up to my ayurvedic remedies (herbs and nutrition) and a lot of rest and meditation during this period of healing. You know it’s not easy for vatas to calm down and take care. But I have been trying! And I am applying mahanarayan oil to my arm which makes it happy.

Jill Yesko

I just realized something: I had forgotten about the Regularity Capsules that you had given me a while ago. I still had a few left in the bottle, so I took 3 (!) Sunday evening, and on Monday morning I felt as if I had really cleared my bowels. I took 3 on Monday evening and on Tuesday morning, the same thing happened. Then on Wednesday evening I took the Triphala tablets but didn’t move my bowels as well this morning. So I am wondering, should I switch back to the Regularity Capsules? And if so, can you send me a bottle of them, as I am nearing the end of the bottle I have. Just include an invoice for it, since I prepaid for the other things you’re sending me.
Thanks, as always, for all your help. You can’t imagine what a relief it is for me to have you be a part of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Theresa C. M.

The skin around my eyes feel better. they’re no longer red but still a bit dry. Your ghee is fabulous! Thank you! I’m having a weird bruising on my legs. On my left leg below my knee on the inside last night there were three cuts that this morning have turned into large bruises, I also have a huge bruise on my right upper thigh. I don’t recall bumping into anything to warrant such large bruises. strange…I’ve had this sort of bruising before.

Leigh Evans

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful spring. The warm weather is good to me. I am starting to feel like being out and about. The last several months have been a challenge for me, both personally and financially, and as is my habit, I don’t reach out much during those times. I am still taking your herbs and believe I am better off for it. And although I don’t eat exactly as I should, your influence has kept me much much healthier than I was before meeting you. I remain very grateful to you for this and always hope they’ll come a time when I will use your resources still more. You are a very beautiful woman and I look forward to that time when we will stay in closer touch.

Jude Kurens

Hi! Yes I’m using everything I have from you, and the vitiligo-go oil has actually shown results.. my white spot on my face is getting pigmented and I’m very happy. Thanks!

Nilusha Jayasinghe
Great news…. I took the stress test last week… came back normal… he said if my medicine from you continues to improve i will no longer need my blood pressure medicine… AHH!!!! your amazing!! I’m so thrilled… I’m so happy so so so happy and so thankful… thank you so so so much!!! i took a cycle class today ad it went up to 119… for a second but still yay!!!
Crystal M. L.