I would recommend American Ayurveda..

When I first heard about Ayurvedic healing, I wasn’t sure what it was about or if it would really work for me. However, through Ayurvedic ……… (approach) and directions from … Vasudha, I have been able to finally regulate my digestive and respiratory tracts. I found it interesting that …(Vasudha) ….. could tell how I was feeling inside, both emotionally and physically just by touching my pulse. The consultations were great; and since … (Vasudha) ….. is very nice, she unexpectedly became somewhat of a guidance counselor for me as well. She has taught me various breathing exercises to increase my lung capacity, which I practice as recommended. She has provided me with organic pills which help me to stop coughing, to focus and feel comfortable on a daily basis. I have learned to include and exclude certain ingredients in my diet that have helped me to lose weight and be healthier. I have definitely gotten the results I was seeking and would recommend American Ayurveda for anyone that wants to be naturally (healed)

Via Email
Mr. J.K.
New York, USA.

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