I have experienced a number of benefits..

I have experienced a number of benefits over the ten years that I follow advice of Ayurveda ……. (practitioners), from eliminating recurring colds to food allergies to rashes to irregular heartbeat. I have a complex renal cyst that, according to the latest sonogram, became smaller. I follow diet that Vasudha ….. recommended and take herbs that she sends. Although a discipline is needed on my part, I elect this treatment since it involves natural ingredients. Lately I have been coping with respiratory problems and rashes induced by exposure to toxins due to apartment renovation. The Kafari herbs helped to subdue the chest pain and cough, and Tvacha Taila (oil) is good for rashes – smaller rashes disappear immediately. I am glad that it is possible to reach to these remedies rather than chemical treatment that have side effects. Thank you, ……(Vasudha)

Via Email
Ms. I.M.
NewYork, USA.

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