Nasya Oil Nose drops by American Ayurveda 2 Oz and 4 Oz


Nasya Oil

Sesame Oil, Centella asiatica, Tinospora cordifolia.

Suggested Use:
Seasonal Allergies*
Allergic Rhinitis*
Sinus Headaches*
Nasal dryness*
Post Nasal drip*
Boost Immunity*
Improve Memory*
Improve Sleep*
Reduce Snoring*
Improve Focus
Improve Concentration*
Improve Voice Quality*

Pour a small quantity of Nasya Oil in a stainless steel teaspoon and warm it over open flame till it is comfortably warm to touch. Massage with warm sesame oil on forehead, nose and sinuses. Lay on your back with head stretched backwards and nose pointing towards the ceiling. Instill one to three drops of tepid nasya oil in each nostril using sterile cotton to soak warm oil from the teaspoon and squeezing in the nostrils. Breathe in the oil so that it lubricates the entire nasal passage. Wait for about 2 – 3 minutes, then gargle with warm water to rinse excess oil that enters the throat. Do not put the unused oil back in the bottle to prevent contamination.

Rush Method before leaving for outdoors:
Soak both ends of a sterile Q-tip by squeezing 2- 3 drops of Nasya Oil from the bottle. Swab each nostril with different ends of the Q-tips. Breathe in the Oil.

Available in 2 Sizes in 2 Oz and 4 Oz in PET bottle. These bottles comes with a special dropper cap provided separately so that you can dispense the oil without contaminating it.

Regular instillation of Nasya oil improves memory, quality of Voice, aids better sleep, delays premature baldness and graying of hair*. It helps increase concentration and reduces stress*.

For best results use Nasya Oil with Muco Relief Capsules.

Caution: To prevent contamination do not dip any foreign object in the bottle but pour out the required quantity of oil in a clean container for use. Keep the bottle in a cool and dry place. Do not pour the unused oil back into the bottle.

This oil does not contain any chemicals or artificial preservatives.

As this item can be easily contaminated, this item is not returnable.


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