Herbal Detox – Rejuvenation Kit

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Herbal Detox – Rejuvenation Kit

Natural Herbal Mini Cleanse Kit for Detox and Rejuvenation

Are you always tired?

You have everything but nothing seems to help lose weight?

Are you suffering from recurrent infections? You have completed course of antibiotics month after month. The infection seem to comeback as soon as you stop taking the antibiotics!

Its time to detox your body and have a mini cleanse at home to kick start your immune system.

This kit is developed by an Ayurveda Physician using the ancient wisdom and secrets from Ayurveda.

This kit contains:

1 Bottle containing 90 VaaLivCleanse Capsules for Liver Cleanse

1 Bottle of 90 VaaLax Capsules for Colon Cleanse

1 Bottle of 90 Kidney Renewal Capsules for Kidney Cleanse

1 Bottle of 90 VaaShanti Capsules for Stress, Anxiety and Sleep


Take One VaaLivCleanse capsule before meals thrice a day. This will help cleanse and strengthen liver functions. Liver is the main organ that regulates and cleanse the entire body.

Take 3 VaaLax capsules at night with warm water just before going to the bed. This will help cleanse and strengthen the digestive and colon system. It also helps throw out all the toxins that is collected in the digestive system. As the digestive system is enhanced the absorption of the food and the nutrients therein gets better, increasing overall energy level and burning of excess fat.

Take One Kidney renewal three times after meals. This helps cleans and strengthen Kidney functions. Kidneys are crucial for filtering the circulatory system. As the kidney strengthens overall energy level improves. It also helps improve skin health and makes it smooth and glowing.

Take one VaaShanti Capsule after breakfast and 2 after Dinner to help deal with stress, anxiety and help you sleep well. If you are well rested the body rejuvenates during deep sleep including all the vital organs.

This Herbal Detox – Rejuvenation kit will last you for one full month as per serving described above.

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