Appetizer Capsules


Appetizer Vegetarian Herbal Capsules to reactivate your digestive fire.


Appetizer Capsules

Vegetarian Herbal Capsules to reactivate your digestive fire.

Vegetarian ‘0’ size capsules filled with
Zingiber officinale, Piper nigrum, Piper longum

Serving Size:
1 Capsule thrice a day after meals or as recommended by Ayurveda Consultant.

Appetizer Capsules

Suggested Uses:

  • Improving metabolism*
  • Enhancing digestive fire*
  • Improving absorption and assimilation of food*
  • Helps in all problems related to digestion*

90 Count Vegetarian Size ‘0’ capsules in a sealed HDPE plastic bottle.

The above formulation is prepared by an experienced Ayurveda Consultant and has been tried by several clients in USA over 10 years with successful results. For visible results please continue taking the capsules for minimum 90 days. Individual results vary.

These capsules does NOT contain any artificial colors, preservatives, fillers or stabilizers.

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Information on this website is not intended to substitute proper medical advice or medical care. Always consult your doctor before starting any herbal formulation or change in your food habits. Individual results vary for products available on this website.


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