Ayurveda Initial Consultation New York


Intial Ayurveda Consultation


Ayurveda Initial Consultation in NYC

Want to consult an experienced Ayurveda Physician for your health issues? Well, you’re at the right place.

All Ayurveda Consultations are offered by Vaidya Vasudha Gupta. Being trained in both modern and herbal medicine, she can read, understand, and correlate the Modern Lab results with the corresponding Ayurvedic principles.

During this consultation the Ayurveda consultant goes over your history of the issues that you are experiencing. She also goes over the results of the tests that you might have undergone.

Your body type, and imbalances of your Doshas are determined with the help of the Pulse analysis and overall physical examinations of the hair, nails, tongues, eyes, skin etc.

Based on our body type and the issues you are having you will be given nutritional counselling that will guide you on the choice of foods that you can have and what to avoid.

At the end of the consultations you will be offered specific herbal supplements for your health issues considering your body type.

The first consultation is very comprehensive and generally takes between one hour and hour and a half. It is highly recommended that you schedule a follow up after 4 weeks.

It is preferable that you visit us for your first consultation in our offices. We are conveniently located in Mid Town Manhattan, simply 2 blocks away from Times Square. In case if you are not able to travel to New York we also offer Consultation on telephone and Skype.

You may schedule your appointment using the calendar below. You will receive an email confirming your appointment once you schedule it using the online calendar. If you have trouble scheduling your appointment using the online calendar you may schedule it easily by contacting us via phone at 212-202-0225 or email at


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