Orgone / Orgonite

Orgonite contains minerals, Gemstone like quartz, amethyst, citrine, turquoise, etc, metals like brass, copper, aluminium that is encased in high quality resin. These orgonites are created with intent to heal and balance.

The resin applies constant pressure on the contents it encases which creates a range of positive energies that has a scrubbing or cleansing effect in the immediate surrounding.

We make these orgonites in different shapes and form so that it could be used at different times and in different settings.

These orgonites are proudly made in India.

We can make customize these orgonites in any shape, form and include any material as per your specification.

Please fill up the form to setup wholesale account if you are interested in buying these orgonites in bulk.

Orgon Orgonite Agate Manufacturer
Wholesale Orgon Orgonite
Wholesaler of Healing Stones
Orgone Orgonite Energy Products in USA
Orgone Orgonite pendants
Orgone Orgonite pyramid
Orgone Orgone Dowsing Pendulum
Orgone Orgonite Energy Baby Pyramids
Orgone Orgonite Chakra Set
Orgone Orgonite Energy Discs
Orgone Orgonite Energy Dome
Orgone Orgonite Energy Massager
Orgone Orgonite Energy Oval
Orgone Orgonite Healing Wand
Orgone Orgonite Obelisk
Orgone Orgonite Pyramid
Orgone Orgonite Crystal

We Ship worldwide.
Contact us for distributorship or wholesale of Orgone Orgonites.

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