American Ayurveda Center: AACHAS

American Ayurveda School of Holistic Arts and Sciences

AACHAS – American Ayurveda Center of Holistic Arts and Sciences

      We get many calls from students who have completed their courses from various places for internship. On interviews of a few of them we found that although they have completed the required courses from their respective institutions they are still struggling to understand the basics of Ayurveda.

      This prompted us to launch the education arm of American Ayurveda where we are committed to bringing quality education to people who are looking to get trained in traditional Ayurveda and use it to help people with their actual health issues rather than just using it for skin care, beauty, facial massage or hair care. Ayurveda has great scope and can be a wonderful tool in the hands of an expert.

      We have created a course that is comprehensive and covers a majority of the aspects of Ayurveda and related topics. This course is called AAHHCC (American Ayurveda Holistic Health Coach Certification). Our course is waiting to be accredited by the AADP after which graduates will be qualified as Ayurvedic Health Coaches. 

      We will provide our full support with our wide range of handmade Herbal Supplements, Oils, Powders, Salves, Ghruts, and more, so that the graduates can start their practice immediately.

      For more information about the AAHHCC Certification Course, click here.