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    Vasudha Gupta

    Founder Member who established American Ayurveda and www.americanayurveda.com with a vision to bring Ayurvedic knowledge and guidance to common people in USA.

    Vasudha Gupta
    Ayurveda Consultant
    Uday Gupta

    Founder Member, Graduate Gemologist, Vedic Astrologer, Custom Jeweler

    Uday Gupta
    Graduate Gemologist

Why American Ayurveda?

Conceptualized and Operated by An Ayurveda Physician, Teacher and Consultant

Driven by Expertise of a Master Pulse Reader and Herbalist. Specializing in Women's Health

Hand Crafted Herbal Formulations, Oils, Salves and Herbal Teas

Crafted using hand picked ingredients and Vegetarian Empty Capsules.

Customized Hand Crafted High Integrity Formulation for our clients

Formulation customized exactly to the imbalance and body type of the client.

Affordable, Easy to follow Ayurveda advice and nutritional counselling

Advice that can be followed and easily integrated in your busy schedule

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