3 Things to Look Out for When Buying Health and Wellness Products

by in Blog April 1, 2019

Health and wellness products take many forms. Often, these products fall under the catch-all term of “supplements.” Scores of capsules, powders, shakes, oils, and more vie for customers’ attention. Rushing in and making a purchase could prove ill-advised. Instead, step back and ponder the following three tips before shelling out any money on health and wellness products.

Environmental Friendliness

Corporate responsibility is a big thing these days. Top companies try to soften their images by giving back to causes associated with the environment. Health and wellness companies shouldn’t be dragged into becoming environmentally conscious.

Giva suggests to look closely at which products are good for the environment. Food supplements packaged in biodegradable containers stand out as examples of pro-environment items. There are other ways to tell if a company and its products are green. Does the packaging note a percentage of the company’s profits go towards an environmental cause? Take that as another positive sign.

Ingredient Quality

As a rule, you should always check ingredients. Ingredients often tell the tale about whether the consumer procures a decent quality product. Anything loaded with refined sugars, fillers, and harmful stimulants won’t likely be a quality product. A breakfast substitute with flax and yams, however, would be of the decent variety.

Each product is different. Keep specific points about particular ingredients in mind when choosing something. doTERRA recommends, when it comes to an essential oil, the plant it is derived from, if grown in two different locations, will not yield the same levels of beneficial compounds.

Consumers do need to perform their research when thinking about ingredient quality. If you aren’t sure what is worth buying and what is best avoided, read up on the subject. This way, you’ll know what to be on the lookout for when skimming a long ingredient list on the side of the package.

Beware of Endorsements

There are fitness and entertainment celebrities who don’t lend their endorsement to any product easily. While it may seem cynical to say most public figures making endorsements do so solely for money, the sentiment is often true. The “big name” promoting a particular product may never even previously used it before. Not all celebrity endorsements are real. ApexDrop explains that in our modern age of “influencers” there are many times where fake influencers and inauthentic endorsements will happen, and many people can’t tell the difference. Look at other merits to a product before relying solely on a celebrity endorsement.

You do want to get the most out of a health and wellness product. Being a careful consumer allows you to help yourself with this goal. Since you want to live a healthier life, the goal is one worth attaining.

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