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......That said, I really don't want to have this surgery. It will close down my option to ever be
reconnected again and lead a normal, healthy life. Plus i have read many, many horror stories
about pouch excision surgery and its complications/very lengthy recovery time. Do you think it is a
possibility for me to get better without this surgery with your ayurvedic treatments? I have seen
significant improvement in the past for short periods of time with your herbs so I am still hopeful
and want to know your opinion on this................ (Small excerpt from an email)

11/17/2013 2:00PM
Small Excerpt from communication sent via Email


New York, New York

Thank you so much for all your help. We got the water dispenser and it looks absolutely gorgeous. My mom was extremely pleased, it was quite a pleasant surprise for her. The dispenser was well packed, and I thank you for that.
God bless!
Aurora CO
11/17/2013 2:57PM
Via Email


Aurora CO

Dear Dr. Gupta and Uday,

I want to thank you both for welcoming me to the Ayurvedic family. Dr. Gupta thank you

in particular for making this possible by restoring my health and helping me to get off

psychotropic drugs.
05/13/2013 4:40 PM


New York, NY

I met you at the .... fair in ......, NY and I purchased at that time a facial mask and skin capsules for my daughter who suffers from acne. She has seen an improvement in her skin and I would like to reorder the Facial Mask. I would like three jars. I didnt see it on the website. Also, I would like to order the Granthil Capsules.

7th May 2013

2:56PM EST


God Is Love

American Ayurveda New York, New York.

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